As a small business owner, in addition to making enough profit to grow your business, one of the hardest things for you to do is sustain and maintain means of customer acquisition.

It can be difficult to get someone to try new things of their own accord. That being said, it can be a bit of an obstacle to get new clients to be a patron of your business or try out your product or service. They may be all too familiar with your competitors and are already satisfied with what they’re offering, but increasing your customer base means increasing awareness which ramping up your marketing strategy can do with just a few tweaks.

Cross promotional marketing campaigns can be a good way to breath new life (and drive fresh faces) into your business. Teaming up with other small businesses for a mutually beneficial offering to cross pollinate your audiences and grow your customer base is a great way to gain traction in your market.

Having online presence these days can mean the difference between … actually, it can mean everything, really. Studies have shown that 54% of consumers now take to the internet to acquire information on where they should spend their money as opposed to walking in blindly. What this means for you is that it pays to be a Google away with up-to date information on your business and to have your online presence accurately reflect your brand. Modern customers try their best to make informed purchase decisions in all aspects of their life, so your brand not being accessible and appealing online can be a huge hindrance on your customer acquisition.

Social media isn’t called “social” for nothing. One of the easiest ways to acquire new customers is through conversations on social media. Not only are you giving insight to what your business has to offer to the world via pictures, statuses about sales promotions, and the like, but you’re able to connect with current, former and potential customers and engage with them directly. A little genuine interaction can go a long way when it comes to customers choosing to shop local.

Don’t let the term confuse or intimidate you. Influencer marketing may sound fancy but it’s actually nothing new and something you as a business owner have seen done without even realizing or leveraging it. In fact, you’ve probably done it many times yourself – you have an exemplary experience at a restaurant or retail store, or are thoroughly impressed by a product or service so much that you feel compelled to post and share about it with your network on social media . Simply put, influencer marketing refers to targeting “influencers,” people who can aid in the promotion your business simply by being a patron and speaking highly of it on their own social platforms in an authentic manner that resonates with their established audience.

Acquiring new customers on your own is a lot more difficult than it appears. It’s easier to get new customers by having other people do it. That is, people are more likely to believe something when other people they trust and admire believe in and advocate for it.

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