Social norms tell us that with age comes wisdom. Here at Breadcrumbs we like to think that our youth brings freshness. We know you’re skilled at what you do; you know your business inside out. However, what you can’t do is go back in time and find that child-like creativity and marry him with the professional you are today. That’s where we come in.

Make no mistake; being 40+ definitely has its perks. Entry-level jobs are no longer your first option when making a career change; and heck, it must be nice not to get carded when ordering a glass of wine. But chances are, you’re not quite up to speed with the new digital world. We’d like to change that.

The Breadcrumbs team is a small but powerful network of young experts working to build a digital dynasty as well as defy stereotypes about young professionals [also known as Yuppies]. The Department for Professional Employees notes that most Yuppies “are more likely to work in fast-growing occupations, and are more diverse than previous generations.”

However, in our research we found five reoccurring stigmas related to Yuppies:

– They lack experience: Yuppies are thought to have great ideas but they fail to solve business-related problems.

– They lack direction: Yuppies are knowledgeable yet indecisive; they fail to bring their visions to life.

– They are narcissistic: Yuppies tend to be overly convinced of their abilities, often failing to take directions.

– They are needy: Some Yuppies expect NEED to be praised for every accomplishment.

– They are too critical: Yuppies want to be the best; they are rarely satisfied.

Truthfully speaking, some of these stereotypes are accurate.

Right now you’re probably asking yourself “how are these guys responsible, dedicated and loyal enough to help my business thrive?” While our competitors are asking “how are they different from us?” The simple answer is– we are!

– We are #tradigital (traditional + digital). We still follow the “early is on time, on time is late” protocol. But, instead of analog watches, we use wearable tech.

– We are enthusiastic about our work. BC’s success has been dependent on the positive attitude we bring to our office. A happy team means happy clients.

– We are small enough to care but big enough to get the job done.

OK… maybe we were wrong. You probably should hire young people. And, if you decide to do so, remember:

We are creative.
We are innovative.
We are affective.

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