Can I tell you a secret?

I’ve got a bit of OCD when it comes to to-do lists, cleanliness, timeliness, and organization.  The best way to increase productivity, in my opinion, is to be a master of those things. Here are a few tips on keeping work time productive:

1) Stay Organized!
To be organized does not necessarily rely solely on physical organizational skills. In the digital age, online organizational tools are the way to go. Project management tools such as BasecampCreativePro Office, and BC’s favorite: Podio are extremely helpful to keep teams organized, on task, and communicating effectively. The best way to manage projects, speak to other team members, and share vital information simultaneously is to use a project management tool. Shuffling papers around leaves more room to lose things and clutter workspaces, so, my recommendation is to record things online. Use a project management tool, calendar app, and allow your devices to help keep you organized.

2) Keep Clean!
No one wants to reach over a half-eaten sandwich or risk knocking over an open container of orange juice while trying to grab a paper clip. Keeping your workplace clean is not only visually pleasing, it also shows professionalism. You know the saying “cleanliness is close to godliness”—well cleanliness is also tied into productivity.

3) Breathe!
Kick your feet up and relax. Throw a ball around, solve a Rubik’s cube, tidy up a bit, or read an interesting blog. Everyone needs a break. Breaks relieve stress and refresh your creative mind. I don’t approve of the saying “I don’t have time to sleep, I’m too busy chasing my dreams.” Newsflash! In order to dream, you need to sleep. Daydreaming requires a small period of inactivity or a break; in most cases this isn’t a bad thing. No, I’m not telling you to sleep on company’s time, I’m simply recommending a good way for you to re-focus, think about your task, and execute it efficiently and creatively.

Leave a comment with some of your own productivity tips we can add to our list.

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