Are you still getting the hang of Twitter? Not seeing the amount of audience interaction and engagement you hoped to see? Well look no further, here are a few DOs and DON’Ts that will help you tame the Twitter bird:

DO include media (photos/videos), a call to action, or a retweet request.
Including these in your tweets will not only get you what you’ve asked for (RTs) but the inclusion of media will increase engagement and interactions. When posting for one of our clients who owns a sports bar, we’d say something like this: “Retweet! Check out our #NCAA Game Night Specials: $2 shots all night”

DO retweet others & favorite others.
When you retweet others and favorite tweets that relate to you or your industry, you’re more likely to gain more followers

DO geo-search and save searches for keywords surrounding your brand.
You want to be in tune to the Twitter conversation being had. Some Tweeters may not directly mention (@) you but you can still listen to what they are saying with Twitter’s search features. Plus there are multiple social media management tools that allow you to save searches.

DO follow people.
Follow people who are interested in your brand and those in your industry. They will tweet and RT content that may help you communicate with them.

DO use relevant hashtags.
Hashtags allow you to join a global conversation and if you’re contributing something worth retweeting, your followers and even users who don’t follow you will ‘RT’ you. Use hashtags sparingly within your tweet rather than at the end. For example: “Follow @trybreadcrumbs for digital marketing tips #smallbusinesstips”

And this brings me to my DON’Ts…

DON’T use hashtags on overkill.
It get’s pretty annoying and redundant. So use hashtags to optimize your tweets, not for every word, letter or phrase. Some tweets don’t require any hashtags.

DON’T protect your tweets
This may be an obvious one, but protected tweets are not able to be retweeted or seen by the masses, so unprotect those tweets!

DON’T link your Facebook account to your Twitter account.
No one wants to see a shortened tweet with a… extension. People want to interact with people, not bots. Twitter is also a less formal space where your personality can be different from Facebook. Tailor your tweets to your specific Twitter audience, even if you’d like to post something similar on Facebook, optimize your posts for each social media site.

DON’T compose your tweets in all CAPS. IT’S OBNOXIOUS.

*Bonus* DO sign up for Twitter Ads
Twitter recently unleashed an update to #TwitterforBusiness, which is helping to put small businesses out there in the Twittersphere with promoted accounts, promoted tweets, and analytics for both. This is proving to be an incredible tool.

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